The Root System

Complete Auto Enrolment Management

Root provides 24hour online scheme access. It is designed to simplify online Auto enrolment management and is supported by readily available technical guidance.

By using our online tools and phone applications, administration becomes easier.  Root actively helps to eliminate data discrepancies, a frequent challenge faced by employers in the early stages of Auto enrolment compliance. 

All communications required by Auto enrolment can be managed directly throughout the system. Any scheme events, transactions or communications are automatically logged on the system, creating a history of events for members and an audit trail for employers and advisers. Some of the most useful features include current fund values; Document store; Alteration of contributions; Addition of members; Fund switches and Personal details amendments.

We provide access to a real-time online banking style system to advisers, employers and employees.



Root allows employers to access complete scheme details and individual members’ details at any stage, simply by logging on. Root is able to give employers a complete view of their company pension scheme arrangements.


Overview of all members and access to detailed records

Facility to upload contributions via one of the three following methods: Payroll file upload, downloading an excel file and direct input to screen within Root

Full contribution history view

Scheme documents

Transaction Reports

Investments Performance Information

Task manager to log queries and view the status of tasks logged by employees

Audit record of all queries


We deliver a fast, efficient and innovative way for advisers and schemes to manage members’ pensions. We take the administration headache out of the equation and help to increase transparency, control and lower costs. 


The ability to offer tailored investment solutions for scheme members based on their financial needs and risk profile

An efficient means of switching funds for poorly performing fund managers – without the need to re-write the scheme for the employer

Downloadable reports for analysis (Trustee annual report/investment report, transaction reports etc)

Access to a range of leading fund managers under the same system

The opportunity to build in a layer of fees to increase transparency and clarity of charges

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