Our Services

Opt provide a number of services in order to assist both new and existing employers with their auto-enrolment duties.


If you wish to know any more about these services, please contact us.

Staff Presentation

An experienced member of Opt Pensions will come to your business and deliver a talk, providing an explanation of auto-enrolment and its various rules and processes. This will also contain key information on the pension scheme, its administrators, default investment portfolio and any questions you have. This would also cover any legal changes you might need to be aware of, such as Master Trust Authorisation or the impact of GDPR on your scheme.



Annual Scheme

Review Opt Pensions will compile a personalised report detailing the running and performance of your pension scheme. This would be explained in detail, in person. Examples of topics covered in your report could be:

  • Legal Update

  • Scheme-specific updates: For example, Amendment to Scheme set-up (introduction of new category), Trustees, Processes, Re-enrolment and Phasing of contributions.

  • Data Quality (highlighting any gaps in common/conditional data)

  • Administration




Staff Training

A chance for your staff to sit down and ask about their pension scheme. This will include a detailed training session on their pension portal, showing them how to check their fund value and performance, appoint beneficiaries, and more. This is proven to increase your staff engagement with the pension scheme you provide for them, as well as reduce many questions you may receive from them in the future



Personalised Scheme Setup

All new employers will continue to be able to set themselves up online for free. However, if you don’t have time, or if you know you have questions, we now offer the facility to talk directly to an Opt Pensions Business Development Manager, tell them what you want, and have them establish and personalise your pension scheme in minutes.




Declaration of Compliance

Whether it’s the Declaration of Compliance or the ‘Re-Declaration’ three years later, you have to complete this by law or risk fines. Take the stress and hassle out of your hands by allowing a member of Opt Pensions to complete this on your behalf and feel secure that you’re compliant.



Employer Training

All new employers will be provided with comprehensive and detailed training materials on our portal, Root, within our standard free package. However, if you feel you have a lot of questions, or just need that helping hand to make sure you’re doing everything right going forward, just ask. We will provide a one-to-one session, either in person, or via a webinar, whichever you prefer, giving complete security.



Payroll Assessments

As an employer, you are required to assess your staff in-line with auto enrolment rules and communicate with your staff each pay reference period. However, this can be time consuming and can take you away from doing the job you need to do.

Opt Pensions are able to run all assessments via Root, on your behalf, provided that we have the correct information. This will allow the ‘day-to-day’ running of the pension scheme to be completely handled without any burden on you, freeing you up to do what you do best.


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